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Following the original 1996 publication of the 1st Edition of APSF's unique, data based collection of anaesthesia crisis management protocols based upon the first 2000 AIMS Anaesthesia incident reports, APSF is pleased to announce the release of the 2nd Edition of this Manual in November 2006.

This 2nd Edition is based upon the first 4000 AIMS Anaesthesia voluntary and anonymous incident reports submitted to APSF from practising anaesthetists in Australia and New Zealand. It contains stepwise protocols for the clinical management of 28 of the most commonly encountered acute clinical situations in anaesthesia practice (including paediatric anaesthesia). Special Appendices deal with adrenaline (and some other) critical dosage calculations and preparations.

The protocols have been internally validated against those incident reports relating to each respective crisis where the management and/or outcome were identified as sub-optimal. Rapid access to each protocol is facilitated by attachable adhesive finger tabs. A web-based version of the protocols can be found here.

A pdf version of the protocols can be found here.

Requests for copies of this 2nd Edition, at a cost of Aus$20.00 for Australia and New Zealand (+ GST within Australia only) and $27 plus postage for overseas orders only, are available by phone, fax, email or mail, via the following contacts:

Australian Patient Safety Foundation
Mailbox CEA-20
Playford Building
University of South Australia
Adelaide SA 5000

Ph: 08 8302 2447
Fax: 08 8302 6623

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